Little Britches #4: Mary Emma and Company

Mentoring is a critical theme woven throughout the first half of the Little Britches series. Despite the incredible hardships that his family endures, Ralph Moody is very clear that God always looked out for them and rewarded their faithfulness in interesting ways. In new places and new circumstances, God not only provided the work requisite … Continue reading Little Britches #4: Mary Emma and Company

The First Olympics

In June of 1894, Pierre de Coubertin and his newly organized International Olympic Committee unanimously voted to schedule the first Olympics of the modern era to open in April of 1896 in Athens, Greece. Over the next two years, 13 countries would assemble teams of athletes to represent their nation in this peaceful international assembly … Continue reading The First Olympics

Missionaries, Mystics & Martyrs

Millions of people know who Brother Andrew is, I think. I, however, had never heard of him before last year. I came across his name when I read Corrie Ten Boom’s story in The Hiding Place. In the opening of The Hiding Place, the Sherills explain that they had discovered Corrie Ten Boom while doing … Continue reading Missionaries, Mystics & Martyrs