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As moderators of PPPS: Potato Peel Pie Book Community, Kathy, Jennifer, Diane and I get to read a lot of interesting books. In this article we talked about how Jennifer and I share our reading. Every month in Potato Peel Pie we post a “Current Reads Stack” and loads of members post pictures of their book stacks. It has been so much fun to see what others are reading and to share in their joy as they discover some of our favorite books or introduce us to new-to-us books that we ultimately fall in love with. There really is a special community bond that is formed when we share a love of reading without making it competitive.

Recently Diane made a list of all of the books she read during the 2016-2017 school year. She shared it with me and both of us were wowed by how much reading she got done despite feeling like she was merely treading water. We realized that when we actually record our reading, it often tells a surprising story. Inspired by that, we decided to keep track of our reading right here. Below you will see hyperlinks to each of our 2017 Reading Logs. Each month we will update this post with our current reads, any surprise reads that snuck in, and our completed books.

Diane’s Reading Log

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Jennifer’s Reading Log

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Sara’s Reading Log

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