Masarik Family Fall Clipboards

A number of friends have asked what our school clipboards look like right now. In the last month I have been asking a lot of questions about technique and planning tools in our online homeschool community. I have benefitted from a lot of very good advice from those conversations. I think that our current clipboards … Continue reading Masarik Family Fall Clipboards

The Great Train Robbery

On May 15, 1855, the crime of the century was perpetrated by turning lead into gold. Enacting a highly sophisticated bait and switch, Edward Agar, William Pierce, Jeremy Forsyth, and James Burgess were able to steal £12,000 in gold which was being transported from London to Paris. This highly publicized crime, the Great Gold Robbery, … Continue reading The Great Train Robbery

Last of the Mohicans

This is part of Diane's American Literature Course Series This summer, about six weeks before school was going to start, I was asked to teach a literature class for a small group of teen girls.  “Literature” is a dauntingly broad subject.  Where to focus? Based on what some of the students had already read, I decided on … Continue reading Last of the Mohicans