Yesterday my husband and I made the most amazing ravioli! We are Catholic and abstain from meat on Fridays. As foodies who love meat (and I hate fish) we are always on the prowl for great meatless recipes.


We have always wanted to make a really good flavored pasta. Past attempts were lackluster and forgettable. We really like Lidia Bastianich’s Family Table cookbook. In it we found one of her basic dough modifications to include spinach. Using a basic dough recipe very similar to this, we incorporated spinach which had been drained over night in the fridge. I can’t find her spinach recipe on the internet, and I don’t want to violate copyrights by posting it here. You can just google for good spinach dough recipes. Emeril has one on Food Network which is similar to Lidia’s, just slightly larger.

While I made the dough, Greg made this Giada four cheese filling. We loved the base but wanted it to have more flavor so he cut in a little fresh rosemary and thyme.


While I rolled out the pasta and made the ravioli’s Greg made this Emeril pesto cream sauce. Obviously we didn’t use the Essence.


The Emeril recipe calls for pesto. Many years ago we discovered this one from Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. For some reason, this recipe never fails to be better than anything else we choose. We make it in the height of the harvest season in huge batches and freeze it for use all year. We do play with the recipe a little bit each time we make it to adjust for the seasonal changes in flavor. (Some seasons the garlic is more sharp than others. Sometimes the basil is sweeter or sharper.) The recipe can be found in the Back To Basics cookbook (one of my two favorites of hers – the other is Foolproof).

That’s it! Using basic pasta techniques we married these four recipes into an incredible dish! Boun Appetito!