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My local Christian bookstore is a wonderful place. Cathedral Book and Gift resides in the former Catholic school building on our Cathedral property. Really, it is a brilliant use of space. The upper floors are used by our excellent religious education program, the first floor is a sprawling book store complete with a sweet and comfortable coffee room, and the basement (the old cafeteria and multipurpose rooms) has meeting rooms that are large enough for a gaggle of kids who are attending a book club.

I have always loved Cathedral Book and Gift. The selection is carefully curated, the environment is wonderfully friendly, and the atmosphere is perfect for community building. And, because the religious education program participants pour into the building at least once a week, it is the perfect place to host a book club.

Last spring I started reviewing books for Cathedral Book and Gift’s Facebook page (much like I do here). As the ladies at the shop and I talked about the power of books to help to shape the moral imagination of our young people, we decided to partner in an effort to get these good and great books into the hearts and minds of young people. I volunteered to lead two book clubs as a trial run over the summer. They were successful enough for us to roll out a full scale program for the upcoming school year.

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Each club is a little bit of work to pull together. It seems silly not to share that work with others in case it would helpful to them in hosting their own book clubs. At the time of writing this we have 2 books done: Jennifer Trafton’s Henry and the Chalk Dragon (our book review can be found here) and Jonathan Roger’s The Bark of the Bog Owl (our book review can be found here). Below, we are linking posts which detail how we did those book clubs. As we do more clubs, we will update the list.


Summer 2017

Henry and the Chalk Dragon Book Club

The Bark of the Bog Owl Book Club

The Princess and the Goblin Book Club


Summer 2018

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Alice’s Adventure’s In Wonderland

The Green Ember

The Hobbit Club