Escargot by Dashka Slater


Finding Escargot is another of those happy library accidents. We picked it up because the little snail on the cover is so cute! The happenstance is even happier because Escargot himself is a delightful character. The sad part is that my daughter wouldn’t let me record her reading the book to her kids in her slightly Clouseau-esque French accent. She had us nearly rolling on the floor.

Escargot is, of course, a snail. He’s a snail with a well-developed self esteem.

Though he’s troubled that no one ever chooses a snail as a favorite animal, he believes he’s very fast, that he’s fierce rather than shy, and that every part of him is magnifique.

Escargot wants you to get to know and appreciate him, but he also wants to get to know you. What is your favorite animal? Do you also make a shimmery slime trail? What is your favorite kind of salad?

It turns out that you are just as fast as he is.

And even if you don’t decide to choose him as your favorite animal, he thinks you are magnifique!