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Like many living books homeschoolers, I am falling in love with Landmark books. While we have some other articles coming on this subject, we did discover something sort of special that was worth sharing right away. Some Landmark books are available via Audible! Sterling Point Books is small press dedicated to offering books for boys 10-15 years old specifically in the narrative history and biography genres. Part of what they have done is bring great old books back into print. Some of the titles in their catalog are Landmark books. (Be careful, however, not all are Landmark. Frankly, the catalog is uneven. I was really disappointed in a few of the books.)

If you are not an Audible member and have been curious about the costs and tricks of having a membership, check out our article here.

Here is a list of the handful of Landmark Books which have been reprinted by Sterling Point and made into audiobooks:

Alexander the Great by John Gunter
The Barbary Pirates by C.S. Forester
Daniel Boone by John Mason Brown
George Washington: Frontier Colonel by Sterling North*
Geronimo – Wolf of the Warpath by Ralph Moody
John Paul Jones – The Pirate Patriot by Armstrong Sperry
Lawrence of Arabia by Alistair MacLean
The Sinking of the Bismarck by William L. Shirer


*Be careful! There are 2 Sterling Point George Washington biographies. Be sure to get the Sterling North version. That is the Landmark book.

Landmark books which are not at Audible but are reprinted by Sterling Point Books:

Lee and Grant At Appomattox by MacKinlay Kantor
Swamp Fox of the Revolution by Stewart H. Holbrook

Landmark books which ARE at Audible but not printed by Sterling Point Books:

The Witchcraft of Salem Villages by Shirley Jackson



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