Little Girl Life

We are boy moms, but we have little ladies in our lives too and we want the most lovely books for them.

Please don’t take these age recommendations too seriously. They are just very general guides.

Very Little Girls (4-8)
Bedtime for Frances (Frances Series)
Fairchild Family Series (4 books)
Betsy Tacy Series (first 4 books)
Grandma’s Attic Series (first 4 books)
The Practical Princess (Picture Book)
Children of Noisy Village
TumTum and Nutmeg

Little Girls (6-10)
Caddie Woodlawn and Caddie Woodlawn’s Family
Little House on the Prairie Series
Latsch Valley Farm Series (5 books)
Cobble Street Cousins (5 books)
Blue Willow
Understood Betsy
The Princess and the Goblin

Big Little Girls (8-12)
All of a Kind Family Series (5 books)
Five Little Peppers Series (There are 12 books in the series, I am only familiar with the first 2)
Mitchell Series (3 books)
Emily of New Moon
The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Blue Willow
Left By Themselves

Coal Camp Girl

**Note: most of these are available via Audible.


  1. Wendy Abel says:

    I thought of another wonderful series: the Mary Frances books by Jane Eayre Fryer! They teach different skills in a charming way, including gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting & crocheting, first aid, and housekeeping.

    1. Sara Masarik says:

      Yes!! Wendy, we have (and love) all of those! For this series we were hoping to keep to “realistic” books – and those are just a bit magica with the animated tools. In fact, it is in our queue to do a review of that series all on their own! Such special and sweet books! 🙂

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