Do you know about our Facebook Book Club, Potato Peel Pie Book Community? It is a lovely and lively group where we discuss all things books! Also, because we love to read together, we have more than a dozen thematic reading groups for Peelers (members of Potato Peel Pie Book Community). Members of Potato Peel Pie are welcome to join any of our reading groups!


Main Group: Potato Peel Pie Book Community
In March of 2015, a small group of friends prayed about what our ideal book club would look like. We wanted an online location that felt like an extension of our living rooms. All of us had previously read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. In that WWII story, a group of neighbors becomes a family because of a book club. During the darkest of days, the Guernsey Literary (and Potato Peel Pie) Society becomes a community of kindred spirits who rally together to preserve their humanity and hope when there is so little to be hopeful about. Join us here

Homeschool Group: Symposium At Parnassus
“Latin, Greek, and Mathematics were all very well, but in Professor Bhaer’s opinion, self-knowledge, self-help, and self-control were more important and he tried to teach them carefully.” Symposium at Parnassus is a group that was born out of a bookish desire to pursue the good, the true and the beautiful in the wisdom of a living education. We understand that the reading of excellent books gives us the opportunity to know and understand our vocation better and better equip us to raise men with chests who understand how to have their hearts obey their heads. As we read, we are nurtured by the mothers, teachers and mentors of literature who have so much goodness to inspire us. Quality literature helps us to slow down, reflect and get lost in the timeless truths of parenting, education and faith. As we eschew the “Green Book,” join us we are “awakened from the slumber of cold vulgarity” and get inspired in how to irrigate deserts. Join us here.

PPPS: Peelers Social Club
Because the friendship we form over books naturally grow to include so many other aspects of our lives, we created a social club for the non-book things in our community. Join us here

PPPS: The Peelers Agora
In this buy-sell-trade group Peelers maintain their personal libraries as well as buying-seeling-trading bookish crafts and loot. Join us here. 


PPPS: Chesterton Book Club
Our book club would be incomplete without Chesterton! While we read many of his novels and non-fiction books, one of our favorite things to read are his essays. A master of the short essay form, Chesterton’s small pieces are a wonderful companion to your Saturday and Sunday morning coffee. Join us as we read his essays on Shakespeare on Saturdays and his essays on everything else on Sundays. 


PPPS: Mother Culture Book Club
Many of our members are homeschool moms. Because this vocation is a particularly exhausting one, we wanted to have a place where those moms could read things that would encourage, nurture, and inspire them in their work. It is a lovely little corner of the internet. Join us here


PPPS: Shakespeare
In this group, Jennifer leads members through all of Shakespeare every year. Members can read some or all of the assignments. Join us here.

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PPPS: LOTR Read Along
In this group we are reading through select Tolkien works. Join us here


PPPS: Narnia
We are reading through Narnia with our children! Join us here.


PPPS: Mister Rogers Reading Club
This group is for the reading of Fred Rogers books and biographies about this lovely man. Join us here.


PPPS: Old Western Culture
This group is for Peelers who have the Old Western Culture series from Roman Roads Media and want to read with other Peelers. Join us here.


PPPS: John Taylor Gatto
This group is for Peelers who want to read through John Taylor Gatto’s books on education. Join us here


PPPS: Peelers Reading Through the Lists
…….. Join us here.


PPPS: John Senior Reading Group
In this group Peelers are reading through John Senior’s two classics: The Death of Christian Culture and The Restoration of Christian Culture. Join us here.

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PPPS: N. D. Wilson Reading Group
In this group, Peelers are reading through N. D. Wilson’s books. Join us here



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