Quest. It was probably the best word of all the words ever made up. It meant going on a really long journey to find something you want a whole lot.” – Henry and the Chalk Dragon, Jennifer Trafton

Are you ready to go on a quest?

“find your coat, mansi… your shoes and your hat… it will be dark soon, but not yet…” – The Wishes of the Fish King, Doug McKelvey

Would you like to go on a treasure hunt with us? Get in the boat, and sail out on an adventure?

“Tied together by ropes that we could feel but could not see… trailing our fingers in the water… laughing… scooping up stars…that streamed from our hands… like liquid wishes…” – The Wishes of the Fish King, Doug McKelvey

At Plumfield and Paideia, we believe that every child is a reader (even if they don’t know it yet) and that every family should have a read-aloud culture. In our Facebook group, Potato Peel Pie Book Community, we have had the privilege of journeying with many families who are trying to navigate the waters of reading and the seas of books – good and bad. Along the way, we have realized the importance of pointing people in the direction of really good and great books in a wide variety of genres.

In May of 2016, Doug McKelvey and Jamin Still created a gorgeous family read-aloud book journal, a beautiful place for families to track the books they share together. We believe that this journal will be a legacy item that reveals the “ropes that we could feel but could not see” which allows families to scoop up stars and wishes together.


In that journal, they added an absolutely inspired piece: Reading Quests. These reading challenges focus a reader in a particular direction and give them a kind of scavenger hunt list that they can use to go on a reading adventure! We loved this idea so much that we asked Doug and the Rabbit Room if we could partner with them and build a community-wide challenge.

So, find your coat… your shoes and your hat… it is time to go on an adventure together!

Here is how this going to work:

  1. Each month, on this site, we will feature one of the reading quests from The Stories We Shared family reading journal. During that month, we will post an article with details of that quest and links to reviews of books we recommend that would qualify for the quest.
  2. On our Facebook page, we will post a link to a submission form where families can suggest books that fit the quest criteria. At the end of the month we will publish a list of our favorite suggestions!
  3. Also on our Facebook page, we will post a thread asking families to post a picture from their family questing adventure. The photo could be a picture of their child reading, a photo of their completed quest page in the journal, or anything else that fits in with the spirit of the adventure. We welcome your creativity!
  4. At the end of the month, we will randomly select one submission to win a fantastic prize: a copy of The Stories We Shared journal plus one Rabbit Room book we love.


We are starting in June with the Literary Zookeeper Quest

In July we will feature the Serial Bookworm Quest.

In August we will go on an adventure with the Time Traveler’s Quest.


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