Science & Nature

Central to the education of every child at Jo March’s Plumfield (Little Men by Louisa May Alcott) was hours on end of time out-of-doors gardening, exploring, sketching, and playing. Children at Plumfield were sun-tanned, healthy from running and playing, and very curious about the natural world. We love that model and strive to review books that will help families find great gems that will encourage young minds to chase wonder and nurture their curiosity. This list contains some of our favorites.

Nature Picture Books

After The Sun Goes Down
Buzztail and Leaper 
Here Come The Bears
Who Lives In This Meadow
Handle With Care

Living Science Chapter Books

Charlie and the Lonesomee Cougar
The Incredible Journey
Burgess Readers
Burgess Bird Book
**Twenty One Balloons

Long Form Living Science Books

What If?

** Twenty One Balloons borders on science fiction, but I think that it is more engineering than sci-fi**