Show Notes: Meet Hilda van Stockum’s Son: John Tepper Marlin

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Books and Links:

Hilda van Stockum Beloved Author page

The Mitchell Series ( 3 books)  set in Canada

The Bantry Bay Series (3 books) set in Ireland

Stand-alone books:

The Winged Watchman (set in the Netherlands during WWII)

Note: Edna St. Vincent Millay, an aunt to Hilda van Stockum by marriage

The Borrowed House (set in the Netherlands during WWII)

John is writing a book about the Dutch resistance

Order of books on WW2: Winged Watchman for younger children, then Borrowed House for intermediate level and then John’s book when published

Joseph Conrad The Heart of Darkness – another book about the evil in men’s hearts (for adults)

Mogo’s Flute  set in Kenya

Penegro (gypsy Roma book)

Day on Skates (set in the Netherlands) 

Little Old Bear especially good for very young children

Patsy and the Pup another good one for young children

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A special thank you to Jeannette Tullis for her help in composing these show notes!