A Children’s Book Review by Sara Masarik

I have to recommend this book even to my non-Catholic friends. This book is truly hilarious. It is all kinds of capers and nonsense like you might expect to find in something out of sister act. However, at the heart of the story, we see true gospel virtues and a decent mystery. Warning: at one point, one of the nuns sneaks down to the basement to smoke cigarettes. I was very upset when I read this. However, I must say, that it is handled exactly as it should be. All of the trouble associated with that kind of vice is clearly explained inside the context of theology of the body. Mother Mercy handles it in a way that is authentically gospel like.

For my Catholic friends: it is produced by Chesterton press. What more of an endorsement does it need?

For my non-Catholic friends: it is a very humorous and endearing look at the inside of a convent. It is goofy and not accurate but it does hold true to the basic ideas of what the inside of a convent would look like.

It really is a love story! The love that we should have for each other despite our weaknesses and shortcomings. The love that we should have for our Savior and His eternal forgiveness. The love we should have for our vocation.