Slugs and Bugs: Silly Goodness


“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God!” (Isaiah 40:28)

This powerful verse lives passionately in the hearts of my kids and me thanks to Slugs and Bugs Sing the Bible 2.

My husband is a professional musician; we have very particular standards pertaining to music in our home. Children’s “music” is usually not music. Usually it is manufactured noise with kids belting out cheesy songs that fail to inspire a love of music, truth or goodness. For that reason, nearly all “children’s music” has been stopped at the door of this house. There are, of course, wonderful exceptions – Elizabeth Mitchell and Ella Jenkins among them.

When friends recommended Slugs and Bugs, I presumed that it was more of that cheesy noise. I turned up my nose and closed my mind. I had stumbled on Elizabeth Mitchell entirely by mistake and figured that that was divine intervention. I found Ella Jenkins through the Smithsonian Folkways channel on Youtube that was also home to Mitchell. Thankfully, Amazon Prime Music streamed a lot from both artists, and so we were set. I was raising my kids on adult jazz, big band, classical music, Gregorian chant, some Piano Guys, and other real classics. I did not feel much need for something else.

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Through a series of paradigm shifting events, I discovered The Rabbit Room and Story Warren. And I saw these goofy cds for kids. Again, you could say that my heart was hardened. Then an amazing thing happened… we backed The Wingfeather Saga Animated Series Kickstarter. And since the base goal was met in the first 48 hours, all of us received an incredible download of about 20 Andrew Peterson songs. My husband and I got lost in Peterson’s music and found ourselves comparing it to Sting: Fields of Gold and Paul Simon: Obvious Child, and other unique sounds that we genuinely appreciate. But our Christian ears were particularly gratified that it was authentic music with a reverence for our Maker. It was that niche of music that we have been looking for and didn’t know existed.

I wasted no time. I started nosing around YouTube watching Andrew Peterson music videos. Then I noticed that he sings this goofy tractor song with Slugs and Bugs. My kids were in fits of giggles. We needed more. We started watching every Slugs and Bugs video we could. I began following their Facebook page and noticed that they were getting ready to launch their newest album Sing the Bible 2. Somehow, by the grace of God, I won an advanced copy! I had shared their promotional posts and my name was drawn! This powerful and enchanting cd landed in my mailbox, and by the end of that day we were buying a couple more of their cds.

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Slugs and Bugs respects my children in the three most important ways: it is full of Truth, it is truly good, and it is absolutely beautiful. Half of the time, Slugs and Bugs is creatively appealing to the goofiness of childhood in a way that entertains without grating or dumbing down the message. The other half of the time, it is elevating my kids’ tastes by presenting them with skilled and nuanced music. None of the tracks sound like each other. All of them sound like something familiar but also entirely new. All of it is real music. Real music that loves and respects kids and their parents.

Probably my favorite part about Slugs and Bugs is that it is utterly singable. The lyrics are wholesome and often holy. The music is rich and textured, but a melodic line runs throughout making it accessible and singable. 1496266_10153513245561375_2887715441352452332_o

In our homeschool, we begin every Morning Symposium with the Slugs and Bugs song of the week that we are memorizing (what a way to get scripture learned!) and any songs that we just have to listen to before we settle in to study.

Slugs and Bugs offers 5 cds with different moods and intentions – but all of them bear the hallmarks of truth, goodness and beauty.

Slugs and Bugs is our go to music for a “get the wiggles out” dance party, music which signals a call to come to class and music to listen to while getting chores done.

Confession: sometimes I listen to it when the kids are not around. It is that good.

The Rabbit Room has a beautiful review of Sing The Bible 2 right here.

Taking a rest after a Slugs and Bugs dance party.