In this post, I wrote about how we approach our Morning Symposium and how I plan. I included photos of our August through Mid-September plans. I have been asked, multiple times, to post each of my new schedules every time I update them. I have posted our Mid-September through October resources here.

Here are the resources we plan to use during our November through December school day.

Morning Symposium
Mad Libs
Word Ladders
Childcraft Magic of Words
Childcraft Orange #1: Poetry
Story of Civilization (Streaming Video Only)
Picturesque Tales of Progress #1
My Book House #2
Childcraft #3: Fairy Tales
Sir Cumference Books 
Greg Tang Books
Faith and Life: Jesus Our Life
Children’s Treasury of Virtues
Childcraft How Things Work
Burgess Bird Book Plan
Bendick: Galen and the Gateway to Medicine

Individual Skill Work
All: Latin For Children: Primer A & Headventure Land
Hand Writing – Jack: Writing Our Catholic Faith 1
Hand Writing – Greta: Writing Our Catholic Faith 3
Reading – Jack: McGuffey Pictorial Primer
Reading – Greta: Alice & Jerry BooksBeatrix Potter
Reading – Michael: Burgess Animal Books (we got the big set from Dover)
Enrichment – Michael: The Great Courses Company: Understanding Greek & Roman Technology
Math – Michael & Greta: Old Singapore Math
Math – Jack: Bob Jones University Horizons Math

At lunch we listen to audiobooks*
The Golden Goblet
The Bronze Bow
Sterling Point: Alexander the Great
Stories from Ancient Rome
Great Rulers of Ancient Rome
Bulfinch: The Age of Fable
D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths
Tales of Greek Heroes

*I have not vetted these audiobooks yet. Some I have owned and loved for a while, some are completely new to me. I will be listening carefully and hoping that my research was solid.

Here are some snapshots of my plan: screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-29-50-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-30-00-pm