Last of the Mohicans

This is part of Diane's American Literature Course Series This summer, about six weeks before school was going to start, I was asked to teach a literature class for a small group of teen girls.  “Literature” is a dauntingly broad subject.  Where to focus? Based on what some of the students had already read, I decided on … Continue reading Last of the Mohicans

Understood Betsy

In 1899 Dorothy Canfield received a B.A. from Ohio State University, then went on to receive a Ph.D. in Romance languages from University of Paris and Columbia University. At a time when women rarely attended college, Canfield was distinguishing herself as a serious academic. In addition to her college and graduate school degrees, she received … Continue reading Understood Betsy

The Wilderking Trilogy

This spring my family fell in love with The Wilderking trilogy. Much like Narnia or the Shire, the Wilderking books are set in a place that feels romantic and a bit heaven-kissed. Corenwald is a place of physical beauty, vibrant community, traditional values, exotic intrigue, relative peace, and the possibility of high adventure. The fictional … Continue reading The Wilderking Trilogy

The Mad Scientists’ Club

Bertrand R. Brinley lived a fascinating life. I suggest that readers read this article (written by his son) before proceeding. I think that it will help give some insight into the things that I must say. In short, Brinley’s early life was not dissimilar to that of Louisa May Alcott’s. After a peripatetic childhood (I … Continue reading The Mad Scientists’ Club