Pat of Silver Bush & Mistress Pat

Pat Gardiner of Silver Bush is a nice girl.  She is seven years old when her story opens.  She is obedient to her parents and to the housekeeper, Judy Plum.  She is helpful, loving, and kind to animals.  Her life is comfortable, but she hates change of any kind, and she has to struggle against … Continue reading Pat of Silver Bush & Mistress Pat

The Blue Castle

“Valancy was in the midst of realities after a lifetime of unrealities.” L.M. Montgomery’s The Blue Castle is one of her stand-alone novels.  It is also one of the few she wrote for adults.  The story opens on the morning of Valancy Stirling’s twenty-ninth birthday.  “The only homely girl in a handsome clan, with no … Continue reading The Blue Castle

Lucy Maud Montgomery

I would like to think that L.M. Montgomery needs no introduction.   There, that was short and sweet! I do believe most of us have at least heard of Anne of Green Gables, the book, the character, that made Montgomery famous.  It is difficult now to believe that after several rejections from publishers, Montgomery stuck … Continue reading Lucy Maud Montgomery