Miss Moore Thought Otherwise

I recently started off on a rabbit trail that leads back through prominent librarians of the 20th Century to the first women librarians in America. These women were influential in shaping ideas about the kinds of books that should be written for children. Many of them resorted to writing children’s books themselves.   While sorting … Continue reading Miss Moore Thought Otherwise

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

When I found this book, I had previously considered myself well-versed in Dr. Seuss. I had never even heard of this one before.  The copy I bought at a library book sale was already tattered, so I assumed someone must have loved it. Because it was fun for me to read, my small son loved … Continue reading Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

Miss Jaster’s Garden

Miss Jaster’s Garden by illustrator turned author N. M. Bodecker is one of those picture books that every family library should have. The illustration has a daydream-like quality with soft watercolors, the story line is adorable and the kind that children love to giggle at, and the writing is charming and intelligent. If Anne Shirley-Blythe … Continue reading Miss Jaster’s Garden