A Plumfield Kids book review by Greta Masarik, age 13: Unlike some picture books about dolls, Dahlia is different. Where most books take the point of view of a girl who loves dolls, this book is from the point of view of a girl who strongly dislikes them. 

The Real Book About Whales and Whaling

A Plumfield Kids Book Review by Jack Masarik, age 11. This book is not my favorite book for many reasons, but the main one is that it starts slowly, explaining each and every kind of whale. But even with a slow beginning, it makes up for it in the other half of the book, which is about whaling. 

The Flying Tigers

 A Plumfield Kids Book Review by Jack Masarik, age 11 Listen Now: The Flying Tigers by John Toland is a Landmark book about a group of American fighter pilots led by and trained by Claire Lee Chennault—who was a former United States Air Corps acrobatic flier and flying school director. In 1937, after ten years of service,…

The Winged Watchman

A Plumfield Kids Book Review by Jack Masarik, age 11  “The Watchman . . .The Watchman . . . Joris looked at it in despair. Winged Watchman . . . guardian angel . . . his breath came in wheezy gasps. He heard footsteps coming closer. Soon he would not be able to run anymore;…

Combat Nurses of WWII (Landmark Book)

A Plumfield Kids Book Review by Greta Masarik, age 13 “To all of them–these heroic women who had voluntarily endangered themselves to heal broken bodies and broken spirits as well–the entire nation would owe an eternal debt of gratitude.” When we think of the heroes of WWII, more often than not, it’s the generals and…