Tending the Heart of Virtue

“Becoming a responsible human being is a path filled with potholes and visited constantly by temptations. Children need guidance and moral road maps and they benefit immensely with the example of adults who speak truthfully and act from moral strength.” - Tending the Heart of Virtue by Vigen Guroian In Diane’s review of The Pleasures … Continue reading Tending the Heart of Virtue

Stories We Shared

  In this article we reviewed Doug McKelvey and Jamin Still’s beautiful picture book, The Wishes of the Fish King. In that article we explained that the picture book was published because of a Kickstarter campaign. In the middle of their Kickstarter campaign, Doug asked our Potato Peel Pie Facebook book club what other interesting … Continue reading Stories We Shared

Creed in Slow Motion

“Authors Note: The sermons of which this book is composed were delivered to the girls at the Assumption Convent (now at Exton, Rutland) when they were being evacuated to Aldenham Park, Bridgnorth, during the late war.” In 1855, the bishops of England had suggested to John Henry Newman that he should translate the Vulgate Bible … Continue reading Creed in Slow Motion

Symposium Nov/Dec 2016

In this post, I wrote about how we approach our Morning Symposium and how I plan. I included photos of our August through Mid-September plans. I have been asked, multiple times, to post each of my new schedules every time I update them. I have posted our Mid-September through October resources here. Here are the resources … Continue reading Symposium Nov/Dec 2016