The Wilderking Trilogy

This spring my family fell in love with The Wilderking trilogy. Much like Narnia or the Shire, the Wilderking books are set in a place that feels romantic and a bit heaven-kissed. Corenwald is a place of physical beauty, vibrant community, traditional values, exotic intrigue, relative peace, and the possibility of high adventure. The fictional … Continue reading The Wilderking Trilogy

Quest: The Serial Bookworm

Welcome to the Stories We Shared Reading Quest Challenge In this post we have linked some of our favorite book recommendations for The Serial Bookworm Challenge. We will continue to update this post as we review more books which would fit into this challenge. This post is part of our Stories We Shared Reading Quest Challenge. Check … Continue reading Quest: The Serial Bookworm

Grandma’s Attic Series

Several years ago this book started popping up in my Amazon recommendations because I was buying Caddie Woodlawn, Understood Betsy, What Katy Did, and Betsy-Tacy for my little girl. The cover art, however, was so off-putting to me that I resisted any inclination to even consider the book. I thought, for sure, that this book was … Continue reading Grandma’s Attic Series

Easy to Read Wonder Tales

Easy to Read Wonder Tales, and Easy to Read Spooky Tales Veronika Martenova Charles’ “About the Author” page says that she, “creates stories for children that are inspired by her own travels around the world as well as her fascination with the stories and folklore of many lands.”  She has published ten “Easy to Read … Continue reading Easy to Read Wonder Tales

Signature: The Story of Clara Barton

Published by Grosset and Dunlap, the Signature “Story of” books are a biography series very similar to the famous Landmark and North Star children's biography series. Like those series, the publishers at Grosset and Dunlap commissioned excellent authors to write biographies that would be appropriate for children. After having read several books in each series, … Continue reading Signature: The Story of Clara Barton