“The Turquoise Table isn’t about entertainment. Or a big party. It’s based on Romans 12:13 which says, ‘take every opportunity to open your life and home to others.’” – Kristin Schell

Four years ago, Kristin Schell attended a conference on living out the gospel in community. Frazzled, feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, and generally world weary, Kristin was unprepared for the change that God was about to make in her life. Instead of swooping in and fixing all of her problems for her, the Lord used a short video about a widow in Prague to change Kristin’s perspective. That change in perspective was amplified a few days later when the Lowe’s delivery truck dropped a picnic table in her front yard instead of the back yard. With a rush of conviction and excitement, Kristin embraced the vision of hospitality that God was revealing to her.

The Turquoise Table is a delightful book. Lush with gorgeous photos, replete with easy to make recipes, and brimming with inspiring stories, this book is prettier than a Martha Stewart magazine and a wonderful springboard into comfortable hospitality for anyone wishing to live out Romans 12:13.

We thought that a detailed review of the book wouldn’t be as useful nor as much fun as joining our stories to Kristin’s. Below, we are linking a video on the Turquoise Table website, the video that Kristin saw at her conference, and each of our own stories. To get started, we will tell you why this book spoke to us personally. In a few months we will check back in with reports on how being #FrontYardPeople worked in our lives this summer.

You can find Kristin’s video here.

The DEIDOX Films video about Ludmilla is here.


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