At the end of 2021, we were introduced to Biblioguides and were quickly impressed with the beauty and power of that dynamic and evergreen database. As book curators ourselves, we saw Biblioguides as being a powerful resource to help mamas organize their books, make meaningful connections between their books, and discover new perfect-fit books that they might never have even considered. We began using Biblioguides for our own home libraries and entered into discussion with Sarah Kim and Tanya Arnold about ways in which we could labor together in the vineyard of good, true, and beautiful books. We enjoyed our talks immensely and found that we shared so many interests and goals. It was only natural that we became a Partner Guide.

Our partnership with Biblioguides began out of a shared love of preserving and promoting the most worthy books. But, it has become so much more. We consider Tanya and Sarah to be our dear friends and have been delighted to work with the rest of their excellent team as well. We especially want to thank Liv for the beautiful logos she designed for us. And, we are grateful to Lara for her meaningful contributions to our monthly book club. The collaboration between our two teams has left an indelible mark on our podcast.

You can find these ladies on FacebookInstagram, in the free Biblioguides Online Community, and at their website. Also, check out our first podcast interview with Sarah and Tanya here.

If Tanya, Sarah, and Lara are some of your favorite voices at Plumfield Moms, bookmark this page for quick reference. We will update it regularly.

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