Freckles & A Girl of the Limberlost

“The scene was intensely attractive. The thickness of the swamp made a dark, massive background below, while above towered gigantic trees. The men were calling jovially back and forth as they unharnessed tired horses that fell into attitudes of rest and crunched, in deep content, the grain given them. Duncan, the brawny Scotch head-teamster, lovingly … Continue reading Freckles & A Girl of the Limberlost

The Virginian Essays

The Virginian essays are an assignment taken from Diane's American Literature Course.  The Virginian, written by Owen Wister, is about a young man, called simply “the Virginian.”  He is seemingly perfect, though he maintains that he has many faults. He is the hero of the book and is humble, wise, and good.  Though he never claims … Continue reading The Virginian Essays

Voxer App for Oral Narrations

As a relaxed classical homeschooler, I have always been very impressed with Charlotte Mason’s ideas regarding narrations. I long struggled, however, to really implement them. This spring I read Karen Glass’s Know and Tell, and it changed everything for me. It took an important philosophy and made it practical and accessible for me. Narrations are … Continue reading Voxer App for Oral Narrations

Fall 2018: General

A funny thing happened to me this summer… a number of local friends asked me to walk with them as they map out their school year. I am flattered and confused. Confused because I don’t feel expertly qualified or particularly knowledgeable to mentor anyone else in this hard vocation. I am always seeking mentors for … Continue reading Fall 2018: General