(Part of our Turquoise Table Series)


My husband and I moved into this house almost two years ago.  We know it came as a gift from God, and we love nearly everything about it.  The one thing I sometimes regret is that it is on such a busy street.  We are on a corner lot just a few blocks from the city park, so foot traffic is heavy as well; runners, walkers, stroller pushers, dog walkers, bicyclists.  

A few weeks ago while I was out tending the yard, the matter of traffic was on my mind.  God gave me this house.  He knew all about the neighborhood, though we didn’t realize how busy this street is.  He knew that wouldn’t have been this introvert’s preference, but that’s where he put my otherwise perfect house.  How come?  What does he want me to do with that?

Skipping straight to the caboose of a long train of thought, two things came to mind.  What if I got up early one morning and made doughnuts to hand out to the people who go by here every morning?  Might that be a blessing to someone?  

Some evenings we like to sit around the firepit in the backyard, which is open to the street.  What if I took a supply of S’more makings out with us one evening and invited all the passers-by to stop and make a gooey treat with us?  What might slowing down for a few minutes do for one of our neighbors?  

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  Teddy Roosevelt

That attitude is one of the most appealing things about The Turquoise Table.  This is not a call for all of us to go out and add another huge project to our already busy lives.  Just do what you can.  Do something.  

“Hospitality always feels small when you hold it in your hands. It’s not until you let it go, released like an offering, that you see how extravagant and hallowed it is.”    

It’s not about me.  

“Hospitality takes the posture of humility, no longer seeking to impress but to serve.  The heart of hospitality is to make people feel welcome and at ease.”  

I’m not going to buy a turquoise table, but I do intend to spend more time in my front yard prepared for opportunities to practice hospitality.