Fairchild Family: Happy Little Family


Turning four is practically turning ten, or at least almost six. Just ask sweet little sister Bonnie who is thrilled to be out of babyhood and scrambling to play catch up to her 3 older sisters, and 1 older brother in this enchanting Appalachian pioneer farm family.

Happy Little Family is the first of four books in the Fairchild Family series by Rebecca Caudill. HLF is a beautiful and idyllic opening to a lovely and life giving series that focuses in on the daily milestones of a just turned 4 year old pioneer, and life on that early American farm.


While this first book follows the seasonal rituals and ways of life natural to the Fairchild, Watterston, Huff, and Sawyer families, it specifically focuses in on the relationship between Bonnie and her father – a strong, loving, tender, and wise farmer who is the special ally of his littlest girl.

Like many of Bethlehem Books offerings, the Fairchild family stories are a celebration of traditional family values and give a life-like look into the authentic dynamics of a happy but totally normal family. A strong, loving, and convivial father is present throughout. A tender, nurturing, and organized mother serves her children with great love and wisdom. My young family got lost in this story and moaned every night when the chapter ended and we had to put the book down for another day.


An excellent book for family read aloud. Easily as enjoyable as Little House on the Prairie, Caddie Woodlawn, Understood Betsy, Betsy Tacy, or Grandma’s Attic. Equally enjoyable for brothers and sisters.

In terms of difficulty or intensity, it is a touch easier than Betsy Tacy. Comparable to Grandma’s Attic or Understood Betsy. A wonderful segue to something a little harder like Caddie Woodlawn or the Little House books.

The series is graced with lovely sketch illustrations and has an almost whimsical feel. Not only would this be a beautiful series for any family to own, it would also make an ideal series for grandparents to have on hand for special visits from grandchildren.

This book and the entire series are available at Audible.



  1. Jen r says:

    I’m excited to read this. I got the discarded book from our library for 10 cents. Sad it left the library but glad to have it on my shelves.

    1. Sara Masarik says:

      You know, in the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, they talk about books having homing instincts in them that help them find their proper owners. I am sad for your library and but thrilled that someone who will appreciate it has it! πŸ™‚

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