A funny thing happened to me this summer… a number of local friends asked me to walk with them as they map out their school year. I am flattered and confused. Confused because I don’t feel expertly qualified or particularly knowledgeable to mentor anyone else in this hard vocation. I am always seeking mentors for myself! I write on this website not as an expert but as a fellow mama who is trying to figure this out as I go. I write to offer my experience in the hope that it will encourage you, and that you may find something of it useful. I write because I enjoy being on this journey with you.

Despite my insecurities and my feelings of inadequacy, God has been merciful to me, and there does seem to be something about what we are trying to do in this home that is attractive to others. I will let you in on a little secret: much of what I do that is attractive to others is nothing other than good old-fashioned theft. Being a researcher by nature, I have amassed some of the best habits and practices that I have seen in the homeschools of others, and am always pruning and cultivating them for my home. I am finding that a strong sense of purpose, good taste in books, a planner that fits my personality, and a prayerful posture have done much to make my homeschool inherently beautiful. I do not have this all figured out, but like the ancient Israelites, I am learning to be content with the daily manna that heaven provides to nourish this sacred vocation.

In order to prepare for meetings with my friends, I made some notes. I thought I would share those notes here for others who may appreciate having more ideas for their own planning.


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