In March of 2015, a few world weary friends were seeking a sanctuary of sorts. We had read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society  together in another discussion group and we wanted to create a vibrant community of kindred spirits who would read widely and deeply. We loved the example we saw in the Potato Peel Pie book club of Guernsey. In that story, an eclectic group of friends preserved their dignity, humanity, and moral compass during an abusive Nazi occupation through the sharing of books and bookish culture. We wanted to build something that would nurture us in a similar way today.

At first, we were a “secret” book club with a few dozen friends. All of us had read the book and understood the bigger picture and so no explanation was needed. The title represented a culture of friends. We didn’t start the group with the intention of attracting followers or patting ourselves on the back by accumulating friends. We needed each other. Like the people in Guernsey. We created a space for the exchange of ideas, to sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron.

The thing is, we weren’t alone. We noticed that our few dozen friends were adding a few of their close friends, who added their close friends. In no time at all, the group snowballed into nearly a 1,400 members as of November 2016.

If you would like to join our Facebook Book Club, check out the Potato Peel Pie Book Community.

If you are a homeschooler and would like to join our Potato Peel Pie Book Community sponsored homeschool group, please join Potato Peel Pie and then request to join Symposium At Parnassus.

Disclaimer: while we love The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, it does have some problems. To get a better understanding of how we view the book and its impact on our group name, check out this article.

Each month we host a book club. We create a small Facebook group for the book club and ask people to join if they are interested in reading along with that particular book. The great thing about hosting these book clubs in Facebook groups is that they don’t expire! So even if you are coming to club “late,” the group is still there and we love to discuss books with other readers, no matter when they join in.

Our upcoming 2017 book clubs include:

Ongoing: In Defense of Sanity – a collection of essays by GK Chesterton
Book Club Group: PPPS: In Defense of Sanity

January: Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling
Book Club Group: PPPS: Captains Courageous

February: Great Detective Series!
Week One: Edgar Allen Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin
Week Two: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes
Week Three: GK Chesterton’s Father Brown
Week Four: Dorothy Sayers’s Lord Peter Wimsey

March: My Antonia by Willa Cather
Book Club Group: PPPS: My Antonia

April: The Virginian by Owen Wister
Book Club Group: PPPS: The Virginian

Review and Links to the Book Clubs:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
PG Wodehouse: Right Ho, Jeeves
The Princess Bride
Little Men
The Keeper of the Bees & Freckles
A Jane Austen Education