Book Darts


“How I love ya, how I love ya, my dear old Book Darts!”

Book Darts, where have you been all my life?  Yes, I’m waxing cliché-ful. It’s amazing how quickly these critters have become indispensable to me.  Thank you, Jennifer Halverson!

Jennifer’s #PeelerEssentials Book Darts are THESE.

Life is changeable enough without messing with the little comforts and routines that keep me on track.  So, change my bookmarking technique? I was sceptical.

But, yes! This old dog has learned a new trick.

The ones I found at my local bookstore are these.

I love pretty bookmarks; paper with pictures, cross stitched with sayings, crocheted with ribbons.  But I don’t use them. I lose them. I lay one aside while I’m reading, can’t find it quickly when the phone rings or a child hollers, stuff a Klennex in my spot or turn the book upside down (don’t shoot me!).  Then I don’t know where the bookmark went. They probably keep company with stray socks.

The most amazing thing about book darts is how thin they are.  The first time you slide one onto a page of your Bible, you may feel like it can’t possibly avoid doing damage.  But it won’t! They cling to the outsides of pages, so they also don’t do damage to the spine when you close the book.

Book darts point the way!  They can point to where you were or to where you need to be.  I use them in books I’m working through for school so I can clearly see how much I need to read before the next class.  I can use as many as I need to mark places I want to discuss later or copy into a notebook. This works especially well for books I don’t own and can’t write in.

They give me hope in my Shakespeare reading.

Here is where I left off.


This is how far I need to get today.  Sometimes I really need to see my progress so I know how long I must persevere.


This one is marking the Psalm I will read this morning.


Here is where I left off in the Gospels.


Disclaimer: There just doesn’t seem to be a foolproof system.  If I take one out of a book and leave it lying, it will not replace itself in the book.  I still can’t remember where this one was supposed to be.


I haven’t ditched all my former methods of keeping track of my reading, but I love these little things so much that I have given away more than I have used myself.  Since they are reusable indefinitely, it won’t cost much to give them a try.