The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is quite a mouthful for a book title. It is also ridiculously long to type out every time we want to reference an online book club. All of those wonderful words, however, did give us great fodder for nickname options. Very early we settled on the nickname of “Peelers.”

Three years ago this April, we created a little bookish island in the online world. We called our little space Potato Peel Pie Society and we treated it like an extension of our living room. Like our beloved characters in the novel, we wanted a little space where we could use books as a vernacular for our community conversation. Over the years we have had some amazing conversation. Some amazingly contentious. Some amazingly insightful. Many amazingly creative. And many have led us on amazing rabbit trails of new reading ideas.

Along the way, we have discovered a number of “essentials” – the things that make our bookish life better. Literary mugs that pair well with our reading, worthy pens, lovely journals for keeping quotes and thoughts, favorite bookmarks, delicious reading snacks, and more. We thought that it would be lots of fun to pull those “Peeler Essentials” together into one place so that all of our book friends could find them.

Here are some of our Peeler Essentials. What would you add? Let us know by snapping a picture of your Peeler Essentials in action and uploading it to social media. Use the hashtag #PeelerEssentials to connect with other Peelers!

(This is a work in progress. Some of our links are active. Others will be active soon.)

Book Darts
Old Western Culture
Reading Planners