Rabbit Room email list subscribers discovered a sad letter from N.D. Wilson in their inboxes on Monday morning. Many of us were shocked to learn that a favorite living author is preparing to undergo extensive brain surgery to remove a “farm egg” sized tumor near his brain stem. While prayer is truly the very best thing that we can offer to Wilson, we can also show our support in tangible ways. Wilson’s surgery falls right between two major book launches. We can help. We can help promote his books for him. And that is exactly what we plan to do.

It is likely that my tumor had already begun growing while I was writing Death by Living, which means, as my sweet wife pointed out, that this is a great opportunity for us not to be hypocrites. God is good. God is faithful. This is the storm we were meant to weather. This is the bull I was meant to ride. I can’t hit my characters with pain and hardship to spice up their stories and not be willing to face anything life threatening myself!


Here is how we are going to help:

First, if you would like to read Wilson’s letter, please follow this link. If you would like to see the video he posted to Facebook today, please click on this link.


We have created a special hashtag to help us find others who are supporting Nate. #PeelersOnATiltAWhirl is a combination of our book club nickname and one of Nate’s books.

Second, the sequel to Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle continues the Sam Miracle story and was released this week. Outlaws of Time: The Song of Glory and Ghost can be purchased at Amazon, signed copies from Wilson’s local bookseller and from The Rabbit Room. We want everyone to know about this book and so we are going to be doing a giveaway! (Our giveaway is finished!)


To be entered in our drawing for a N.D. Wilson children’s book of the winner’s choice, please be sure to do the following:

  1. Share this post on Facebook
  2. Set it to public (or we won’t be able to see it)
  3. Include #PeelersOnATiltAWhirl in your post so that we can find it

For an extra entry:

  1. Share this review on Facebook: Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle
  2. Set it to public (or we won’t be able to see it)
  3. Include #PeelersOnATiltAWhirl  in your post so that we can find it


Third, we want readers to know about Wilson’s books for adults. Our friend Heidi has reviewed Notes From A Tilt-A-Whirl at Mt. Hope Chronicles. We are going to give one winner a copy of that book or the book that Wilson mentions in his letter, Death By Living. To be entered into that drawing:

  1. Share Heidi’s review on Facebook
  2. Set it to public (or we won’t be able to see it)
  3. Include #PeelersOnATiltAWhirl in your post so that we can find it

If you are new to Wilson’s writing, check out these reviews:  

Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl ~ A Review
Outlaws of Time Review
100 Cupboards Review


More Reviews Coming Soon:

Heidi will be reviewing “The Song of Glory and Ghost” as well as “Death By Living” this summer.

Sara will be reviewing “Ashtown Burials,” “The Song of Glory and Ghost,” and “Wingfeather Tales” soon. Diane will be reviewing “Death By Living” soon.



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  1. I shared this on my page, and am determined that the next book I read with be one written by ND Wilson.

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