Stick is another of my serendipitous library finds. The little frog on the first page is so cute I couldn’t resist taking him home. I assumed, from the first page, that the story wasn’t going to be terribly original.  


We all know this story. The young frog is going to insist on doing things his own way, consequences will ensue, a lesson will be learned.

I had no idea that Breen is a two-time Pulitzer prize-winning political cartoonist. Not all of his work, even in his other children’s books, is this beautiful.  


The little frog’s eyes are bigger than his current abilities. His tongue sticks to the dragonfly he has spied, which takes him on a wild ride far from home. I love the silhouette perspective in this frame.  


This one is hilarious. Only because he gets away safely, though.


Stick eventually finds himself entirely alone, at which time he finally decides it’s time to ask for help.


The crane brings him home as we knew it would. Stick is very hungry by this time. Safely home with his mother, he learns one more lesson before “happily ever after.” Or perhaps eating fireflies isn’t such a bad idea? Especially if the neighborhood could use a nightlight.  


You can find Stick here.

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