The Book of Three Book Club

Last month I had the pleasure of reading The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander with almost twenty young readers. It was a tremendously good book club because, after a year and a half of reading together, we have developed a common vernacular and culture. It isn’t enough to discuss the story arc or character … Continue reading The Book of Three Book Club

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise

I recently started off on a rabbit trail that leads back through prominent librarians of the 20th Century to the first women librarians in America. These women were influential in shaping ideas about the kinds of books that should be written for children. Many of them resorted to writing children’s books themselves.   While sorting … Continue reading Miss Moore Thought Otherwise

Literature for the Ages – Year 2

Last year I had the privilege of teaching a literature class for four high school-aged homeschooled girls. I explained my goals and best attempt at planning the school year here.   We get to do it again! This year two of my girls are seniors. My thought as I considered selections was to attempt to … Continue reading Literature for the Ages – Year 2