Fall 2018: Big Picture Overview

Big Picture School Planning In my homeschool, we practice a relaxed classical approach. Practically, this means that we are a hybrid of Charlotte Mason and Classical philosophies. Add to that mix that we are Catholic. When I consider my homeschool planning, I put the highest priority on holy mass and the sacraments, nature study, the … Continue reading Fall 2018: Big Picture Overview

Fall 2018: General

A funny thing happened to me this summer… a number of local friends asked me to walk with them as they map out their school year. I am flattered and confused. Confused because I don’t feel expertly qualified or particularly knowledgeable to mentor anyone else in this hard vocation. I am always seeking mentors for … Continue reading Fall 2018: General

Life on the Mississippi

This part of Diane's American Literature Course Series I didn’t get time to read Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi before I had to decide on my American Literature syllabus this past school year. I did get through the first couple of chapters, which are full of the geography and history of the Mississippi River. I hoped … Continue reading Life on the Mississippi

Know and Tell: The Art of Narration

My homeschooling style can best be described as “relaxed classical” or “love of learning through living books.” In ordinary words, I am homeschooling for heaven not Harvard. That said, if God’s plan for my children includes Harvard, I want them to be adequately prepared to meet the challenge. In our homeschool, we are focused on … Continue reading Know and Tell: The Art of Narration

Symposium Nov/Dec 2016

In this post, I wrote about how we approach our Morning Symposium and how I plan. I included photos of our August through Mid-September plans. I have been asked, multiple times, to post each of my new schedules every time I update them. I have posted our Mid-September through October resources here. Here are the resources … Continue reading Symposium Nov/Dec 2016