New Wyoming Folklore

These folk stories are a 1860’s Literature assignment from Diane’s American Literature Course. The Loyal Canine “I wonder if that rascally raccoon and the prickly porcupine are going to stroll down here and taunt me again?” reasoned Charlie, the loyal canine, who was guarding the chicken coop one cold night.  “Those two figure that playin’ is better than workin’,” … Continue reading New Wyoming Folklore

The Virginian Essays

The Virginian essays are an assignment taken from Diane's American Literature Course.  The Virginian, written by Owen Wister, is about a young man, called simply “the Virginian.”  He is seemingly perfect, though he maintains that he has many faults. He is the hero of the book and is humble, wise, and good.  Though he never claims … Continue reading The Virginian Essays