The Virginian

This is part of Diane's American Literature Course Series Owen Wister’s The Virginian Oh, that old thing? Why, yes, it’s been one of my favorites for many years.  I noticed, though, while doing research for our American literature class, that it seems to be going out of style.  Too trite and formulaic, perhaps?  Wait!  Please note that … Continue reading The Virginian

Last of the Mohicans

This is part of Diane's American Literature Course Series This summer, about six weeks before school was going to start, I was asked to teach a literature class for a small group of teen girls.  “Literature” is a dauntingly broad subject.  Where to focus? Based on what some of the students had already read, I decided on … Continue reading Last of the Mohicans

Grandma’s Attic Series

Several years ago this book started popping up in my Amazon recommendations because I was buying Caddie Woodlawn, Understood Betsy, What Katy Did, and Betsy-Tacy for my little girl. The cover art, however, was so off-putting to me that I resisted any inclination to even consider the book. I thought, for sure, that this book was … Continue reading Grandma’s Attic Series

Signature: The Story of Clara Barton

Published by Grosset and Dunlap, the Signature “Story of” books are a biography series very similar to the famous Landmark and North Star children's biography series. Like those series, the publishers at Grosset and Dunlap commissioned excellent authors to write biographies that would be appropriate for children. After having read several books in each series, … Continue reading Signature: The Story of Clara Barton

Little Britches #5: Fields of Home

In my review of the fourth book in Ralph Moody’s Little Britches series, Mary Emma and Company, I said goodbye to young Ralph. That book closed the chapter on Ralph’s childhood. Fields of Home chronicles Ralph’s debut into young manhood. No longer a child but not yet a man, this chapter of Ralph’s life extends … Continue reading Little Britches #5: Fields of Home