Anthony and Cleopatra

This is part of Diane’s Literature For the Ages Series In January this year, I started on a “Read Shakespeare in a Year” plan. I made it until about March, by which time I had learned something about myself. There is a lot of Shakespeare I just don’t enjoy. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate Shakespeare’s genius. … Continue reading Anthony and Cleopatra

Hobbit Club: September Meeting

In our September Hobbit Club meeting, we drank Dragon Eye Red Ale beer that Greg and I brewed, we had birthday cupcakes for Frodo and Bilbo, and we laughed until our sides hurt. It was a party for Hobbits! The reading for this month was the Joseph Pearce commentary, Frodo’s Journey. At this point in … Continue reading Hobbit Club: September Meeting

Freckles & A Girl of the Limberlost

“The scene was intensely attractive. The thickness of the swamp made a dark, massive background below, while above towered gigantic trees. The men were calling jovially back and forth as they unharnessed tired horses that fell into attitudes of rest and crunched, in deep content, the grain given them. Duncan, the brawny Scotch head-teamster, lovingly … Continue reading Freckles & A Girl of the Limberlost

Please Don’t Eat the Daises

“We are being very careful with our children.They’ll never have to pay a psychiatrist twenty-five dollars an hour to find out why we rejected them. We’ll tell them why we rejected them. Because they are impossible, that’s why...You take Christopher - and you may; he’s a slightly used eight-year-old… I watch him from the kitchen … Continue reading Please Don’t Eat the Daises

The Virginian

This is part of Diane's American Literature Course Series Owen Wister’s The Virginian Oh, that old thing? Why, yes, it’s been one of my favorites for many years.  I noticed, though, while doing research for our American literature class, that it seems to be going out of style.  Too trite and formulaic, perhaps?  Wait!  Please note that … Continue reading The Virginian