The Pickle Chiffon Pie Olympics

About ten years ago, Jill Morgan was working with Roger Bradfield on the republishing of Pickle-Chiffon Pie. In one of his letters to her, he sent Jill a few pages of creative scribbling. Jill enjoyed those pages and tucked them away in a drawer. A few years later, Jill found the pages and sent them back to him telling him how much she enjoyed rediscovering them. Together they agreed that those scribbles were the making of a sequel!

In The Pickle Chiffon Pie Olympics, Bradfield treats us to another charming and funny tale. But, my favorite part of this book is . . .You guessed it. The dust jacket! Bradfield was having so much fun with this book cover that he signed it, “Jolly Roger.”

Again, here is another treat from “Jolly Roger Bradfield”:

A long time ago (probably before you were born), I wrote a book called Giants Come in Different Sizes. It told, in part, of peasant farmers whose chief crop was hamburgers. Naturally, they grew on hamburger bushes.

It surprised me that some readers doubted the very existence of hamburger bushes, even though I had drawn a picture of a whole field of them (in full color) for the book. 

Have we become a nation of doubters? Why must folks question everything? Some readers of this book have even expressed doubt that pickles grow on trees in vast orchards. I ask you – how else could the queen in this tale have enough ingredients to make so many of her world famous pies? 

Like all conscientious writers, I sought confirmation . . . I wrote to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Eventually they wrote back:

Dear Sir, 

We apologize for the seven month delay to your query. (We at the USDA are very busy.) Our research shows that pickle trees are as authentic as hamburger bushes. 

Sincerely, Wesley Forbisher
Assistant to the Secretary

What more do you want than that confirmation from an official government agency?

Jolly Roger

If you have ever read A. A. Milne’s classic, Once On A Time, you will have a sense for Jolly Roger’s style. He invites the reader into the ridiculous while telling a great fairy tale that pokes fun at things that should be poked fun at. With a good sense of humor, wholesome ideas, and creative storytelling, I am a big fan of Jolly Roger Bradfield. I am particularly grateful that Purple House Press brought Pickle-Chiffon Pie back into print ,and that Jill had the wisdom to pursue The Pickle-Chiffon Pie Olympics.

This book from Purple House Press would make a marvelous birthday gift for children aged 5-12. And they make great family reading aloud!