The Water Horse

“Writing my books is like handing out presents. Giving children pleasure gives you a wonderful sort of Father Christmassy feeling.” - Dick King-Smith, October 1995 Dick King-Smith was a gift to children. A beloved English children’s author, King-Smith grew up in a sort of well-to-do existence. His family owned a quality paper company and King-Smith … Continue reading The Water Horse

The Wilderking Trilogy

This spring my family fell in love with The Wilderking trilogy. Much like Narnia or the Shire, the Wilderking books are set in a place that feels romantic and a bit heaven-kissed. Corenwald is a place of physical beauty, vibrant community, traditional values, exotic intrigue, relative peace, and the possibility of high adventure. The fictional … Continue reading The Wilderking Trilogy

Something like Tolkien’s Leaf Mould

This spring Diane, Jennifer Halverson and I re-read one of my top ten favorite books: Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe. A funny thing happened in this reading that I was not expecting. As a child, I feasted on the 1982 made-for-t.v. Ivanhoe movie featuring Anthony Andrews, James Mason, Olivia Hussey, and John Rhys-Davies. When I say … Continue reading Something like Tolkien’s Leaf Mould

Why I Won’t Read “The Handmaid’s Tale”

I won’t read The Handmaid’s Tale. And it isn’t because I am a Christian who is afraid of being confronted by ideas that are unsettling. I graduated from Hillsdale College in the very late 1990s with a BA in Philosophy and Religion. I spent two semesters at the University of Oxford studying theology. I own … Continue reading Why I Won’t Read “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Quest: Literary Zookeeper

Welcome to the Stories We Shared Reading Quest Challenge In this post we have linked some of our favorite book recommendations for The Literary Zookeeper Challenge. We will continue to update this post as we review more books which would fit into this challenge. This post is part of our Stories We Shared Reading Quest Challenge. Check out … Continue reading Quest: Literary Zookeeper