We Were Tired of Living in a House

This delightful picture book had me laughing on the first page, before I read a single word! Who hasn’t seen this exact look on the face of a child who has absolutely “had it?”

“So we packed a bag with sweaters and socks and scarves and mittens and woolen caps.” The cat and dog follow their children. 

Hasn’t everyone, at one time or another, dreamed of living in just such a treehouse?

The children like their treehouse. Unfortunately, treehouse living isn’t perfect, and they have to move on. When they pack their bag again, the inventory includes scarlet and gold leaves. 

Next, they try living on a pond. And they like it. Again, it’s not an ideal home for children, but they do acquire a frog “who was a particular friend.”

A cave is next, but bears are a problem.

How about the sea? Well, a sandy beach is an uncertain place for a dwelling. What other choice might they have?

In each attempt at a home the children set themselves up to live an idyllic life in their new setting. The cat and dog are loyal and mostly patient, but they know nothing of ideals. They simply do what cats and dogs do–lend true details to the dream. 

They may be even happier than the children are to get back to living in a house. 

The number of words on the page is few enough not to be discouraging for a confident young reader. But you will definitely want to be sharing the story. You can encourage your child, who may be acquiring new vocabulary as the children in the story accumulate “particular” friends, “precious” stones, and “treasures.” 

You may buy this book at Purple House Press.

For more information on this book, see Biblioguides.com.