Wednesdays with Words: Homer


Wednesday’s with Words is a weekly post that allows us to reflect on a quote from our reading that is living in our hearts this week.

This year I have been journeying through The Iliad and The Odyssey, because Roman Roads Media has worked with Wes Callihan to produce an incredible mentoring program for teen and adult readers alike. I have flirted with The Iliad and The Odyssey many times throughout my formal education, but I have never felt like I understood these epic poems, nor that I ever would. All of that changed when I “met” Wes Callihan through Old Western Culture. I have fallen in love with Homer’s poetry.

How many bitter seas men cross for hunger! – The Odyssey

How true that line is! I am struck by how hungry I am! Hungry for wisdom. Hungry for forgiveness. Hungry for acceptance. Hungry for love. Hunger is the primary motivator in most of my decisions and Homer is right. I have traveled and will travel more bitter seas to try to satiate that hunger.

What are you reading this week? Here is a round-up of the open books on the nightstands of the Librarians at Potato Peel Pie Society:

Becca: Lonesome Gods and The Count of Monte Cristo

Diane: Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of English People and The Chestnut King

Jaime: The Liberal Arts Tradition and

Kathy: Watership Down and Fahrenheit 451

Kristy: The Immortality Factor and Julius Caesar and Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

Sara: Woman by Edith Stein and  The Liberal Arts Tradition




  1. dawn says:

    And, sadly, we also hunger for sin more often than we hunger and thirst after righteousness.

    Welcome to Wednesdays with Words! So glad to have you all joining us. Your booklists are great!

    1. Sara Masarik says:

      Thank you Dawn! This is a wonderful way to connect with others who are reflecting on beautiful words!

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