Plumfield Reads

One of our most favorite things to do! These episodes are mini-book clubs on air. Some are connected to our Plumfield Reads reading group in the Biblioguides Online Community at Mighty Networks and some are just standalone. Click here to go to the full list of Plumfield Reads book clubs with links to episodes and show notes.

Mighty Networks Book Clubs

August 2022: The Borrowed House
September 2022: Joan of Arc
October 2022-January 2023: The Mistmantle Chronicles
February 2022: Bargain Bride
March-April 2022: (TBA)

Sara’s Tuesday Night Classics Club

The Hobbit Club
A Year of C. S. Lewis
Letter from Birmingham Jail
Flannery O’Connor

Landmark Books Book Club

Captain Kidd (January 2023)
Medical Heroes of WWII (February 2023)
Combat Nurses (March 2023)
The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler (April 2023)
Paul Revere (May 2023)
Geronimo (June 2023)
Into Orbit (July 2023)