Animal Stories

Farm Animals & Pets

101 Dalmations
Old Sam Dakota Trotter
Come On Seabiscuit!
Year of the Black Pony
The Little Britches Books
War Horse
James Herriot Stories
The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog
The Green Ember Books
The Incredible Journey
The Black Stallion
Five For Victory
Papa Gatto (Picture Book)
Billy and Blaze (Good for new readers)

Robert the Rose Horse
Miss Jaster’s Garden
Miss Suzy
My Friend Flicka
The Ark
Rowan Farm

Animals of the Field and Forest (and Swamp)

Burgess Animal Readers
Burgess Bird Book
The Growly Books

The Green Ember Books
Charlie the Lonesome Cougar
Kavik the Wolf Dog
Watership Down 
Handle With Care (Picture Book)
House of Wings

After The Sun Goes Down
Buzztail and Leaper 
Here Come The Bears
Who Lives In This Meadow
Mistmantle Chronicles

Animals of the Desert

Library Lion

Animals of the Jungle

The Jungle Book

Animals of Many Places

I’d Know You Anywhere
Amos and Boris
A Fly Went By
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Mythical or Imagined Animals

Henry and the Chalk Dragon
David and the Phoenix
The Water Horse

(Image is Barnyard Animals by Charlotte Schreiber)