Plumfield Saturday Morning Coffee

Why I Sabbath

Live On the Rest

The Useful Servant

No More Fire Lighting

His Precious Blood

Increase Our Faith

A Balanced Life

Keeping Rank

Wake Up and Watch

When Jesus Says, “Come”

Plastic Words

Be Amazed

You Brought Us Out

Good, Better, Best

The Choregos

The Shepherd’s Voice

Listen to Obey

Is God Your Refuge

Sins That Cling Closely

His Way Is Through the Sea

He Will Reach Out His Hand

Perfected by Suffering

Your Very Life

It’s Not About Me

Do Even More

A Place for the Called Out

Children of Light

Imitators of Christ

He Has Torn Us

Study Your Own Lesson

Are You Ready?


Be the Light

Open Your Mouth

Come and See

Judgment or Discernment?

Servants Through Whom We Believed

Our Dwelling Place

Pardon our dust… this page is under construction..

These weekly reflections are short and sweet. Typically penned and read by Diane, they are a lovely invitation to pause and reflect on the work and life of motherhood.