Know and Tell: The Art of Narration

My homeschooling style can best be described as “relaxed classical” or “love of learning through living books.” In ordinary words, I am homeschooling for heaven not Harvard. That said, if God’s plan for my children includes Harvard, I want them to be adequately prepared to meet the challenge. In our homeschool, we are focused on … Continue reading Know and Tell: The Art of Narration

Peeler Essentials: Book Darts

Book Darts #PeelerEssentials “How I love ya, how I love ya, my dear old Book Darts!” Book Darts, where have you been all my life?  Yes, I’m waxing cliché-ful. It’s amazing how quickly these critters have become indispensable to me.  Thank you, Jennifer Halverson! Jennifer's #PeelerEssentials Book Darts are THESE. Life is changeable enough without messing … Continue reading Peeler Essentials: Book Darts

The Song of Hiawatha

This is part of Diane's American Literature Course Series My grandpa was born in 1906.  He went to school in the ancient days of America when memorization was considered a good way to, well, remember things.  When I was a child, he could still recite large chunks of Longfellow’s Evangeline.  I believe I first heard from him, … Continue reading The Song of Hiawatha

Masarik Family Fall Clipboards

A number of friends have asked what our school clipboards look like right now. In the last month I have been asking a lot of questions about technique and planning tools in our online homeschool community. I have benefitted from a lot of very good advice from those conversations. I think that our current clipboards … Continue reading Masarik Family Fall Clipboards