For months I have wanted to read and review as many “little girl” books as possible because our book club is always asking for more recommendations in this vein. Being a perfectionist, I wanted to wait to publish something until it was “complete”. I am beginning to fear that that project will never get off of the ground because I will always be waiting for “enough” time to get into it.

As an interim solution, I am going to list my favorite “little girl” series in this post. I am focusing on those stories which are spread out over more than one volume, have traditional values, are either timeless or pre-modern, celebrate the season in life before the “little girl” comes of age, and is written in a particularly charming voice. As I am able to critically read all of the books in each series, I will review them and update this article with links to those reviews.

Please don’t take these age recommendations too seriously. They are just very general guides.

Very Little Girls (4-8)
Fairchild Family Series (4 books)
Betsy Tacy Series (first 4 books)
Grandma’s Attic Series (first 4 books)
The Practical Princess (Picture Book)
Children of Noisy Village

Little Girls (6-10)
Caddie Woodlawn and Caddie Woodlawn’s Family
Little House on the Prairie Series
Latsch Valley Farm Series (5 books)
Cobble Street Cousins (5 books)
Blue Willow

Big Little Girls (8-12)
All of a Kind Family Series (5 books)
Five Little Peppers Series (There are 12 books in the series, I am only familiar with the first 2)
Mitchell Series (3 books)
Emily of New Moon (3 books)


**Note: most of these are available via Audible.


3 thoughts on “Little Girl Life

  1. I thought of another wonderful series: the Mary Frances books by Jane Eayre Fryer! They teach different skills in a charming way, including gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting & crocheting, first aid, and housekeeping.

    1. Yes!! Wendy, we have (and love) all of those! For this series we were hoping to keep to “realistic” books – and those are just a bit magica with the animated tools. In fact, it is in our queue to do a review of that series all on their own! Such special and sweet books! 🙂

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