Plumfield Moms Podcast

In June of 2022, we launched the Plumfield podcast called Plumfield Moms. The podcast includes interviews with authors, illustrators, publishers, curators, librarians, and bookish vendors as well as book reviews, spiritual reflections, and school themed series. Episodes typical air four days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Unlike other podcasts which have seasons, we publish week but moderate the content to suit the needs of that particuarly time. To make it easier to find what you are looking for, we have created this organized landing page which should make it simpler to find each episode. You can listen here, at our podcast wesbite, on Overcast, or at most of the podcast apps:


Episodes by Category

Plumfield in Person Interviews

The flagship series in the Plumfield Moms podcast, these long-form weekly interviews are 35-60 minutes and cover a wide range of topics and welcome a wide variety of guests. Click here to go to the full list of Plumfield in Person interviews with links to episodes and show notes.

Plumfield Reads Book Clubs

One of our most favorite things to do! These episodes are mini-book clubs on air. Some are connected to our Plumfield Reads reading group in the Biblioguides Mighty Networks and some are just standalone. Click here to go to the full list of Plumfield Reads book clubs with links to episodes and show notes.

Saturday Morning Coffee

These weekly reflections are short and sweet. Typically penned and read by Diane, they are a lovely invitation to pause and reflect on the work and life of motherhood.

Monday Morning Book Review & Friday Feast Books

These recorded book reviews are the audio version of book reviews on this site. Click here to see all of the book reviews with links to the review and the podcast.

Library Ladies

Living Books Librarians are a treasure! They are working to save and promote the good, true, and beautiful books for future generations and their knowledge of these books is amazing. We have several Library Ladies series on the podcast and wanted to pull them together into one tidy place here.

Living Book Small Presses (coming soon)

Living Book Small Presses are some of our favorite people! Join us as we talk to these magicians who find the unicorns and lovingly reprint them for generations to enjoy.