Ralph Moody’s Little Britches

Used with permission from Purple House Press and their new re-printing of “Father and I Were Ranchers.”

In 1950, Ralph Moody enrolled in a writing class at a local community college and was inspired to write his first book, Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers. The book went on to serve as the first of an eight book series chronicling Ralph’s childhood, certain moments of his adolescence, and his young adulthood. Many have called it Little House on the Prairie for boys. It is a fair comparison, but it is so much more than that as well.


We were delighted to learn last year that Purple House Press was going to bring Father and I Were Ranchers back into print in hardbound format. The book has been printed with all of the care and little touches that will make it a special add-on to any family library. High quality paper, elegant dust jackets with original artwork, full color vintage endplates, Smyth-sewn bindings and the inclusion of this letter from Ralph Moody at the back of the book. A detailed look inside the new printing can be found here. Purple House Press gave us permission to share the letter here:

our-own-two-handsAs of right now, we have 6 of the 8 books reviewed. We will update this page as we add the final two books.

Little Britches #1: Father and I Were Ranchers
Little Britches #2: Man of the Family
Little Britches #3: The Home Ranch
Little Britches #4: Mary Emma and Company

Books that parents may wish to preview:

Little Britches #5: Fields of Home
Little Britches #6: Shaking the Nickel Bush

Books that are a bit more mature as they deal with Ralph’s young adulthood:

Little Britches #7: The Dry Divide
Little Britches #8: Horse of a Different Color


Also of note: Purple House Press has converted some of the illustration into coloring sheets! If you have little ones who wish to color while they listen to you read aloud, check out the free coloring pages here.