Masarik Family Fall Clipboards

A number of friends have asked what our school clipboards look like right now. In the last month I have been asking a lot of questions about technique and planning tools in our online homeschool community. I have benefitted from a lot of very good advice from those conversations. I think that our current clipboards … Continue reading Masarik Family Fall Clipboards

The Wednesday Witch at Stump Lake

The Wednesday Witch at Stump Lake I could almost believe a whiff of certain smells, caught just right, has the power to physically transport me to another time or place.  Sourdough can be like that for me.  This summer it was the mint in my garden.  Mmm, Oregon cow pasture!  Most recently, though, I experienced … Continue reading The Wednesday Witch at Stump Lake

Turquoise Table

“The Turquoise Table isn’t about entertainment. Or a big party. It’s based on Romans 12:13 which says, ‘take every opportunity to open your life and home to others.’” - Kristin Schell Four years ago, Kristin Schell attended a conference on living out the gospel in community. Frazzled, feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, and generally world weary, … Continue reading Turquoise Table