Childcraft: About Me

Every time I open up a new to me volume of Childcraft, three things happen:

1. I marvel at the intelligent and child loving content.

2. My kids find me (no matter where I am) and pore over the pages with me.

3. My sense that these books are the key to elementary education is affirmed and strengthened.

The About Me book is a really neat combination of child development, child psychology, and “health”. Presented in a way that fascinates and engages the child, it can only be compared to Mister Rogers. It is my opinion that pre-1990 Childcraft is the Mister Rogers of the children’s library.


Each section starts with a poem and some thoughtful questions.




This photo is such a neat way to family relationships:IMG_7020.jpg


***NOTE: There is one very frank (but wholesome) section about pregnancy, labor, and delivery.


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